Start the day with a smile and end it with champagne…

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all!

New Year’s resolution time.  In addition to the obligatory “I’m gonna eat clean and workout every day” promise that I make to myself on a yearly basis, I am adding “blog more” to my string of resolutions.  Blog more, sleep more, drink less…beer (I’ll never give up on my champagne and wine), manicure more, cook more, clean more…  I’ll be happy if I can commit to at least two of those.  So, in a show of good faith to the “blog more” resolution, I give you a New Year’s Eve installment of Wedding Wednesday!

Our topic today?  GLITTER.  (Men everywhere just died a little inside).

My best friend Brett says that glitter is the bane of his existence.  It should be known that at any given time, there is glitter on some part of my personal space.  Currently, my deck and my entire office is covered in a light film of red, green, and gold glitter.  It’s like a Christmas stripper elf exploded all over the place.  I have a very understanding fiance and boss.

I am a product of my late grandmother Edna and her proclivity toward glitz, glam, and glitter.  The woman had rhinestone encrusted Ferregamos in her closet and diamonds in her watches.  She and my grandfather ran Crye Jewelers in downtown Richmond, Indiana when I was a kid.  I would spend Christmas visits behind the sparkling counters watching her interacting with her customers.  It’s probably one of the few places that I recall being able to sit still for hours on end; just watching.  She instilled this love for sequins, dress up, and make believe.  I never saw my grandmother without her “face” on, and though I show up to work often times without an ounce of concealer or mascara, I do adore my chances to be fancy.  And glitter just does that for me.  It reminds me of Christmas lights, jewelry counters, and the sequined embellishments that adorned all of my presents from my grandmother.  I can only imagine that she would love everything about throwing a wedding these days and that she would approve of the following list of glittery gorgeousness!


First off is this amazing wedding dress!  It’s just the right amount of sparkle without being overkill.  I love the bedazzled bodice and how it looks as though there is a shower or sequins raining down all of those ethereal layers of tulle.

sequin dress

And don’t forget about your maids!  As you’ll see later this year, my girlfriends will be decked out in Gatsby-inspired gowns with just the right amount of head to toe sequiny goodness.  This dress with the cowl neck draping in the back is one of my favorites that I’ve seen lately.  The only thing to remember when putting your girls in sequins, is that they can rub under your arms and can sometimes be very uncomfortable.  But, then again…sometimes a little discomfort is the price of beauty right?

sequin tablecloth 2sequin tablecloth

My favorite trend that I’ve been seeing will also be making a cameo at my own Fall wedding this year.  It is the sequined table cloth.

Whether it’s for a head table or a sugary sweet cake display, I think just a small pop of glitz is enough to make your event extra special.

Of course, you can ask anyone who knows me—I am a champagne kind of girl.  I won’t get into my love affair with the bubbly, but let’s just say, if there’s champs involved, I’m all about it.  You can bet that the following ideas will be a must at bachelorette/wedding morning festivities for me and my girls:

champagneEdible, glitter-rimmed glasses of champagne.  Oh my heavens!  I had a go at making edible glitter while babysitting once, which is actually pretty easy.  Just set your oven to 350 degrees, mix 1/4 C of sugar and 1/2 tsp of your favorite color, bake on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet for 10 minutes, and voila!  A little sugar rim, a little champs, a strawberry, and a paper straw…just lovely.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield |


My Flirty Thirty was glitter themed…

christmas bottle

Christmas Champs!

I am also a huge fan of glittering bottles of champagne.  Please refer to the above mentioning of my glitter bombed office space–needless to say, my workmates were ever so happy to get these little babies for Christmas this year.  Just a can of spray adhesive, some glitter, and a bottle (about $7 for a cheap bottle).  I first came across this idea when I was putting together a bachelorette party for my friend Kristin.  Ever since, it has been my favorite go-to gift!

confetti poppers

Finally, I am all about a grand exit.  Fireworks provide the ultimate sparkle factor, but I’m in love with these DIY confetti poppers.  I saw them in Anthropologie retailing at $12/push pop.  Naturally, I took that as a challenge and bought my own supplies for these guys (for less). I will show you how to make them in a blog later down the line.  Brett, get ready!  I feel like your glitter nightmares may come true come November 😉

I hope that this post brought a little sparkle to your New Years!  Everyone have a wonderful and safe NYE and look forward to many more Wedding Wednesdays in 2015!!




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