Popping the question…Will you be my maid?

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Now that you have had time to mull over the seemingly impossible decision of who to put in your wedding party (check out this link for some helpful hints), it’s time to get asking!

I love a good craft project any day, so this was just another way to show my appreciation, excitement and mad crazy spray adhesive skills!  I’ve included a few of the cutest ways to ask your maids to stand beside you, as well as my own Kate Spade themed surprise!

b91f3ea489266d2c72306c2b0c0b474eIf you got engaged around the holidays, think about sending personalized ornaments for the tree.  I wish I had seen this earlier to be honest!


BHLDN has the prettiest things that make this girly girl’s heart melt!  These adorable balloon pop-the-question maid cards are only $14 and add the perfect amount of feminine whimsy.  This site carries tons of beautiful things for you and your maids!  I would highly recommend checking out their site, or a store if you’re lucky enough to live near one of their 7 locations (which unfortunately, I do not).  Don’t think that I haven’t thought about a road trip to Chestnut Hill, Massachussetts…


And don’t forget a card!  For my bridesmaids, I hand wrote little cards with a sentiment that ranged from heart felt to hysterical.  One of my favorites that I found: I need someone to make sure I don’t ugly cry at my wedding.  That would be you; MOH!  (and if you say no, I will ugly cry right here, right now.)  I found a bunch of adorable cards on MarryGrams‘ Etsy page.  Who wouldn’t say yes to this adorable card?

43f9fdac89fab2952295d752e82be669For my own, it started with a box.  I found these chic Kate Spade nesting boxes at Paper Affair when I was shopping for a bride last summer.  At the time, the boxes were being sold as a set or individually, so I picked up a few of these polka dotted ones for a great price!  Originally purchased as odds and ends boxes for my office, after I got engaged and settled on my three lovely maids, I found that these boxes would make the perfect vessel for my bridesmaids’ surprises.  Kate Spade became the theme (because what I love even more than a good spray adhesive is a great theme) and I began perusing Pinterest for the rest.


8a8e29a8712e0d8dc7e8c17d47365056With the inspiration in place, I decided to pull a couple of my favorite things to make a bubbly gift for my bridesmaids.   What you need to re-create this:

  1. Champagne flute. I bought mine from Crate and Barrel.
  2. Pack of paper straws. You can find these anywhere, but my Target polka dot straws did the trick.
  3. Wooden clothespins.
  4. Black card stock.
  5. Gold paint pen, I used a white one.
  6. Gold glitter.
  7. Spray adhesive.

*A trick to using the spray adhesive: clip the clothespins to a coat hanger, spray them, then dip them into a solo cup of glitter until coated.

I added a mini bottle of my favorite champagne (now would be a good time to glitter those bottles like I showed you in my last post) and a Kate Spade-inspired pad of paper to jot down any wonderful wedding ideas!

I’m so happy that the ladies I chose will be there standing with me on my big day, as they have since the day I met each of them.  They deserve to be pampered and praised!

And lest we forget, your groom can get in the action too!


Though Paul is more of a staple gun craftsman and not so much a glue gun crafter like myself, he is no stranger to being “iced”.  He went the more traditional route when it came to asking his groomsmen to be a part of our wedding party (face to face, beer-in-hand conversation), I found this on Pinterest and thought it was too cute not to share!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!  Next week, I’ll give you a glimpse into our engagement photos and how we went about picking our photographer.


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