Pinterest Purge



There was a time…not so long ago, when girls planned weddings without having a million pins at their fingertips.  There was a time, when we planned weddings based on original ideas of our own.  We had never heard of burlap wrapped anything, and once we had our mind set on a color/theme…it stayed there.  Those were simpler times.

Nowadays, we have the one board (or secret board) with 2,400 pins labeled “One Day” or “Fairytale Wedding” and that’s where I’m gonna stop you.

As a planner, I love Pinterest.  I love seeing what’s on trend for the whole party planning industry and more often times than not, I get those “my, that is so cute” ideas from a pin tucked away in a board called “Genius”.  But, Pinterest is also a wedding planner’s nightmare.  I can’t tell you how many brides I have met that want me to plan their wedding and upon arrival, I am given access to the prized bridal board.  And there I sit…for hours…  My eyes, bloodshot, I usually come away with confusion and a migraine. Does she really want peacock feathers in the bridesmaid’s hair, but also wants a blush and gold palette? And what is with that Spiderman figurine peeking out of the wedding cake about?  Oh wait…she pinned EVERY thing she thought was cute for the past 3 years?  I need a shot of bourbon.

Knowing this and feeling an impending burning between my temples at planning my own Pinterest-aided wedding, I knew I needed to go into this with a game plan.  So, here are my 5 tips for keeping your sanity while pinning–

1. Pin til your heart’s content: For the first week/month of your engagement, feel free to pin until you pass out.  You like that chalkboard menu? Pin it!  That pair of Kate Spade shoes?  The $600 Manolos?  What about the diamond encrusted Yves Saint Laurents?  Pin, pin, pin!  Pin everything!  And then…

2. PURGE: Take one theme.  One color palette.  And if it doesn’t fit–purge it.

3. Organize through sub boards: I decided to take a super organised approach to pinning from early on.  Every category of a wedding had it’s own secret board.  “Let them eat cake” focused on all sorts of sugary confections, while “Say yes to the dress” had everything from dresses, to shoes, to veils.  This helped to manage the influx of pins without overwhelming me.  It’s also a hell of a lot easier to find things.

4. Recruit: I have noticed that sometimes, no matter how organised you are, when it comes to the wedding planning, you might need a little outside influence.  Even the most professional of planners need some reeling in from time to time, and that’s where implementing a “purge person” is key.  I enlisted my future sister-in-law; Nicole to peruse through my pins with me and junk things.  Sometimes it just takes a little outside perspective.  Make sure that your purge person can be objective and sees your vision the way you see it.

5. Check off your list:  As you get through your sub boards and start making concrete decisions, make a board with your names and the wedding date.  After each major decision is made, add those pins to this board and erase your sub board one by one.  By the end, you will be left with one cohesive, beautiful board!

I hope that helped, it sure helped me!  I also found this article in the Huffington Post to be quite enjoyable in relation to pinning.  And just remember, that when you meet your planner for the first time, to not overwhelm them with your pins.  Anything over 250 pins in one board is borderline out of control!


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