Big Girls Don’t Cry…when proposed to.

10565055_10101640879122211_3623074046745378292_nIt should be noted that I am a crier.  I’m also a bit of a masochist in that I will set myself up in bed and watch YouTube videos of things that make me weep on any given night.  For HOURS.  My favorites include soldiers coming home and surprising their families/girlfriends/dogs, wedding proposals, and (my new personal favorite) telling kids that they are going to Disney World for the first time.  My fiance Paul will frequently find me under our comforter, mascara running down my face, hysterically sobbing into the fur of my Maltese puppy.  Usually, my sobs blend together with those of some girl/guy who just got proposed to via flashmob.  I’m sure it’s quite the scene to come across after a long day on the job site.  That being said, I know that as an event planner, I live and breathe for the tiny details that go into a wedding.  I appreciate the handwritten favor tags more than your average wedding guest, pour over Pinterest boards until my eyes cross, and I cry at least five times during any given wedding (three of which happen within the course of the ceremony)!  It’s obvious that I love weddings and all the crazy good emotional moments that begin with the proposal.

Keeping that in mind—the night that Paul proposed, not a tear was shed.  I blame it on sheer shock.  

In the bedroom, as I was putting on my earring…

Paul: Baby, I don’t think I’m going to make you wait 7 years to get married…(drops to his knee), will you marry me?

I love watching the suspense of knowing the lengths a guy has gone through to get to this moment on YouTube, but this is my absolute favorite kind of proposal.  The intimacy of our home, surrounded by our pictures together, the dog running around licking my ankles, and this man that has had my heart since (let’s face it…the first time we met) asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.  I mean…of course I said yes, and of course NOW I’m crying.  

After the initial shock of being proposed to by the man of your dreams, with the ring of your Pinterest dreams (see above picture), the reality sinks in…now you have to plan a wedding.  As I have found myself on the receiving end of a few bridezilla rants in my time, I thought that it might be fun to be a blogger bride and chart my own experiences over the course of my engagement.  So, let’s see if I can put my wedding planning know-how to the test and practice what I preach to brides!  

And just for kicks…here is one of my favorite YouTube proposals that combine the magic of Disney and my love for all things Christmas related.  Enjoy!  …and try not to cry all over yourself!